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Top 3 Personalities That Will Sabotage Your Business Fast

Are You Secretly Sabotaging Your Business? Are you secretly sabotaging your business by this one common mistake? There are 4 personalities that you'll start to see as you prospect more potential clients and teammates. 3 of them will sabotage your business long term and make you hate working on your business... …and there's just one style of person you really [...]

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Technology & Project Manager

Technology & Project Manager Position We are seeking an experienced person as our Technology and Project Manager to work with the Kate McShea Team! The Technology and Project Manager is responsible for the development, deployment and maintenance of all current and future projects to help further automate and scale the Kate McShea Company. Who You Are In order to excel in this [...]

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How to Get Your Leads To Take Action In 7 Seconds Or Less

Can your videos hook a goldfish?  Or more important... Can your videos hook a human into clicking, entering in their info and buying your stuff in 7 seconds or less? Let me explain a little bit about what's up and why this is important for you. On January 22, 2017... The stats came out from that the attention span [...]

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2017 Update: The Battle Between Marketing Through A Facebook Fan Page or Your Facebook Profile

The Battle Between Marketing Through A Facebook Fan Page or Your Facebook Profile "Kate, what's the best way to market your business when you're first starting out on Facebook?  Your Facebook Personal Profile or Build A Facebook Fan Page?" Yes, I get this question quite a bit.  The truth is... ...I've marketed both ways.  I've done both profitably and I've [...]

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Is The Fear of Success Holding You Back Without Even Realizing It?

It Sounds Weird Right? Most people I speak to want some sort of success in their life.  Yet the fear of success is one of those fears that most won't speak about.  That's exactly my reason for addressing it today in this post! This post was developed from a question I got from Raphael.  He asked as a comment on my other [...]

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