We’re Hiring! Are You Interested?

Opportunity For Growth In A Fast Growing Company

We’re excited to announce that the Kate McShea Team is hiring and growing in a big way! Please help us get the word out.

Our team has been quietly growing behind the scenes as we’ve been taking our business to the next level by focusing on providing the most value through our own training courses and our new mastermind coaching programs.

In order to continue to grow and deliver the best possible value and service to you, we’re expanding our team. Who knows, you or someone else you might know could be the perfect fit to help us grow even stronger as a team so we can impact more people!

Requirements For ALL Positions

Our team thrives only with people who have a strong character, are team players and go above and beyond expectations in whatever they do. We choose to only work with teammates that are honest, intelligent, persistent, positive, can adapt quickly and follow through with commitments they’ve taken on.

Since our company is growing in big ways, we are looking for people who are committed to growing with us and see them selves working with us not just for the short term but want to continue to grow with us and potentially be promoted to higher positions inside of our team.

The Current Available Positions

Coaching & Sales Representative

Technology & Project Manager

NOTE: Members of my team are the ones who will typically hold the first round of the interview process. I will become a part of the process once my team feels that there is a strong candidate to consider. Even if you’re a close friend of mine, you still need to apply through the instruction on the pages above.

Know someone that may be a perfect fit for one of these team positions? Share this with them!

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