What Does 2,000+ Leads & 50+ Signups In 1 Month Get You?


top secretSo what does 2,000+ leads and 50+ signups in 1 month get you? For us it got us some pretty cool recognition and over 100,000 people in our industry now know our name…pretty cool! What would 2,000 leads and 50+ signups mean for your business and your life? Imagine how different things would be if you sponsored 50 people a month into your business. More on that in a minute…

We were recently interviewed by the industries top Lead Generation & Training Company and our interview was then sent out to over 100,000 people. In this interview we share the strategy we used to get 2,000+ leads in one month, we talk about how it led to 50+ signups, and we share some of the key events that shifted our business (pay attention to this part and listen for when we start talking about Events). No more to write about, click play below to check out the interview, we share the goods…enjoy!

MLSP Member Of The Month Interview

In the Video we talk about the power of live events and there is some talk of Live The Dream IV…Click Here To See What Live The Dream Is All About (don’t forget to look at all the bonuses on that page as well)

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