Are You Attracting Or Repelling Your Prospects By Accident?

Do you really know if you actually are attracting or repelling people to take more action, say yes to you, buy your stuff, join your team or become your client?

Chances are if you aren’t swimmin’ in a sea of leads, buyers and teammates…

There’s something wrong with what you’re saying when you write an email, shoot a video or call a prospect.

These 3 Tips that I share with you inside of the video below will help you identify if you’re stuck in “The Request Zone” or “The Command Zone”. Watch the video now and I’ll break it all down for you:

Increasing Your Sales On Command

When you change how you speak in business, you’ll change the results you get. I know I struggled with this concept when I first started my home business.  I didn’t have a business background and found myself often stuck in the “Request Zone”.  I would ask for favors, beg and plead for business and what I found was…

I wasn’t enjoying my business or seeing results.

Sound familiar?

Once I learned to change my language like I described in the video (especially phrases after minute 2:42), my business presence became stronger, my confidence grew and so did my business.

Today, think about where you’re at right now in your business and make a commitment to start utilizing one of these tips I mentioned above in the video in your business.  They helped me and I know they can help you when you make that transition from Request to Command.

I want to know…

What do YOU think is the reason most struggle with transitioning into “The Command Zone”? Comment below with your thoughts.

kate_signatureMake It Happen,

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