The Shocking Diagnosis

Picture this, you walk straight into the Doctor’s Office and you list your symptoms:

Excessive fingernail biting…

Upset stomach…

Constant sweating…

Frequent moments of paralysis…

Lack of motivation to get work completed…

And these symptoms occur while sitting at your computer trying to build your business…

You’d likely get the diagnosis of Technophobia. Sure you can laugh all you want, but the majority of people I meet who are starting out using the internet to build their business get actual symptoms like this. As a matter of fact, I would consider myself a bit of a technophobe, especially when I was first starting out building my business online.

According to Wikipedia, even if you dislike advanced technology… you’re a technophobe.





So how do you transition from being a Technophobe to becoming a TechnoPRO who runs a profitable online business? These three tips below worked for me.

Tip #1: Dust Off Your Backpack

Start looking at technology as a vehicle to help you get faster results in your business.  Using the internet is all about leverage.  Remember, even if you don’t personally like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or reading Online Blogs…

…ask yourself this: Can these sites help you get faster results for your business?  Can they reach more people outside of your local area?  Yup!  So get good with the fact that you are going to feel like you’re going back to school to learn a new skillset.  But if learning more about technology helps you get more customers is it worth it?



Tip #2: Get Help

If technology really isn’t your cup of tea, then consider outsourcing.  My favorite sites to utilize are oDesk, Fiverr and eLance.

You can use these sites to find anything from  administrative work, graphic design, video editing and all the way to social media specialists.

NOTE:  Before you hire out any task, make sure you have at least enough background in the skill to identify good quality work so you’re spending your money on quality outsourcers.

Tip #3: Ride The Wave Baby

When surfing in the deep blue ocean, if you want to survive the waves… you’ve got to adapt to the constant changes in the water.  The same rules apply with technology.  Know that the internet and social media is still in it’s infancy in many ways, so things will change.  Learn to love the constant changes, invest in courses and mentors to help you stay current and apply the changes to your business.  *I’ve got a membership that helps you stay up to date with the constant changes happening with social media… if you want more info just comment below on this blog post.

I dig even deeper into my own struggles with technology and how they can help you overcome your fears in this video below:

Don’t Stress

The next time you catch yourself stressed out about technology, see if you’ve tried any of these three tips I mentioned above to help you rid your fears. Make sure to comment below if you want to know more about our membership to stay up to date on the constant technology changes!

kate_signatureMake It Happen,

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