In June 2013…

We were fed up… annoyed and finished… with our business.

If something didn’t change by December of 2013, we were going to throw in the towel and quit. I remember it like it was yesterday…

nes4We were sitting front row at one of the biggest industry wide events held in Las Vegas, The No Excuses Summit. At one point Andrew left his seat in the middle of the event, annoyed with our lack of results and we made a choice… a decision to start taking our home business seriously.

I was a previous second grade teacher and Andrew works (still does) in Corporate America. Both of us saw the value of building a home business, but we were constantly struggling, trying every strategy possible, jumping from one opportunity to another without ever seeing any results. We couldn’t figure out what our problem was…

…until that weekend. It finally became clear that we were treating our business like a hobby and we needed to start treating our business like it was a 7 Figure Business. That weekend in June, we made a decision to become fully committed to building our business. I’ll be the first to say that success didn’t come easy. It wasn’t like we woke up the next day and were all of a sudden Multiple 6-Figure Earners.

We came a realization that we needed 3 critical components in order to move forward in our business:

1) Pick ONE Lead Generation Strategy and Master It
2) Consistent Action
3) Build A Relationship With Our Leads

The one strategy that we really connected with was video marketing. We felt like using video was the best way for us to connect with our prospects and we found it the best way to generate leads online for our business. We became students of video marketing, consumed every course we could find and most importantly took massive action.

Just 12 short months later in June of 2014:

• We generated over 30,031 leads leveraging video marketing and social media.

• Signed up over 937 members into our home business in less than 9 months on complete autopilot.

• Became the Top Affiliates in Total Leads and Sales for our company

• Went from ZERO to earning a Multiple 6 Figure Income in less than 15 months

• Placed in the Top 4 of some of the most competitive affiliate contests with our online marketing tricks

• We went from front row at the No Excuses Summit in 2013 to being asked to speak at the No Excuses Summit 2014 on the topic of video marketing. We’ now sought after speakers and trainers on the topic of online lead generation, video marketing and closing autopilot sales.

Now we have the time freedom to do what we want… when we want.

Like I said before, owning your own home business will never be a point and click style of business. I’d love for someone to show me any actual business that is. But what I can tell you from our experience, is that success loves speed. Especially in the home business industry. It is very possible to create a thriving home business in a very small amount of time like we have, as long as you’re willing to invest in trainings for your business, work hard and be willing to be mentored by those who are already successful. I can’t predict your success, only you can design your outcome. I can just share with you what’s worked for us here through the trainings on my blog and inside of the products I recommend here as well. It’s your responsibility to dive in and implement what you learn here. We’ve learned that diving in feet first was the best way for us to find success. We wish you the best in your business and look forward to hearing about your success with online marketing soon!

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