How To Avoid The Black Hole of MLM – Information Overload

mlm information overloadInformation Overlaod is one of the most common problems facing all network marketers and it is arguably the biggest roadblock to success in Network Marketing. If you’re struggling with this you’re not alone, if you’re new in network marketing and not struggling with this yet, it’s your lucky day because we will help you avoid this black hole, and if you are successful you are probably reading this shaking your head thinking about the good ole days where you struggled with this exact problem! In this blog and the video below we will go over a few tips on how to avoid information overload and how to get your success timeline on a whole new trajectory simply by avoiding this most common mistake!

4 Simple Steps To Avoid The Black Hole


  1. Don’t Go Pre-Med If You Don’t Like Blood – Pick a Marketing Strategy that is in line with your strengths and interests. Don’t try and force a strategy if it is not natural to you. If you like to write, look into blogging or article marketing, if you like recording videos and being on camera, look into Video Marketing, if you enjoy connecting on social media look into Facebook. You get the point, just don’t get caught looking at the New Shiny Thing that is the “hottest” strategy, start with one that aligns best with your strengths and interests! BTW: If You’re trying to find the right Marketing Strategy Check Out These Weekly FREE Webinars ==>> Just Click Here Now
  2. Be A Sponge – Just like a sponge is submerged in water prior to washing a car, submerge yourself into the strategy you picked, soak up all the training, videos, products, and coaching you can get/afford. If you can get one on one coaching from some gurus we highly recommend it. You must master this strategy and there are theories and studies that say you need 10,000 hours on a topic before you can considered it mastered.  I think 3-6 months is a good timeframe before moving onto learning a new strategy, at 3-6 months you will not havetruly mastered a strategy but you should be seeing some success and it should start to become second nature.
  3. Learn, Do, Teach – Learn (be a sponge), Do…the most neglected step in this process, you have to actually take what you learn and put it into action. To quote Hellen Keller, “ideas without action are worthless”. The idea and process of learning a strategy is worthless without taking action and the “do” part of the equation. Take action on what you learn and take steps that will implement what you learned. Once you take action and see success, teach others. Do not get caught up saying “who am I to teach someone else”…believe it or not if you use a new marketing strategy and get just 1 lead/day you are doing better than 97% of network marketers…teach others but you can only do this after you Learn, Do and have some success.
  4. Wash, Rinse, & Repeat – Once you have gone through steps 1-3 all you have to do is Wash, Rinse, & Repeat. DO NOT abandon your 1st strategy when you move onto strategy #2. Keep Strategy #1 going while you are learning #2 and don’t forget to stay up to speed with the latest tricks for Strategy #1. By the time you move onto Strategy #2 you should be getting to a point with strategy #1 where it is second nature and taking a lot less time to complete than it did in previous weeks/months. Once that time is freed up, start spending that time on learning and implementing strategy #2.


There is no way to speed up this process unless you want to take on more than one strategy at a time which we do NOT recommend. If you are making 5 Figures a month then maybe you are ready to tackle multiple strategies at a time. If you are making less than 5 Figures a month, be careful and we recommend tackling one strategy at a time.

As always there is a short video below which covers more detail on the Black Hole and how to avoid it.

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