Top 6 “Must Have” Social Media Power Posts For Winning Big This Year

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Are You Creating A Problem For Yourself With What You're Posting? What would it feel like if you easily created simple posts that resulted in raving fans, followers and prospects that were connecting with you to learn how to buy from you? And what if you knew exactly when and what to post in order [...]

Top 3 Personalities That Will Sabotage Your Business Fast

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Are You Secretly Sabotaging Your Business? Are you secretly sabotaging your business by this one common mistake? There are 4 personalities that you'll start to see as you prospect more potential clients and teammates. 3 of them will sabotage your business long term and make you hate working on your business... …and there's just one [...]

How The DIY Movement Is Keeping Home Business Owners Broke

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Free Fallin' Down The DIY Business Black Hole You’ve seen it everywhere, on TV, Magazines, Blogs, Pinterest, Home Depot… … “3 Simple Steps To Tile Your Bathroom In Just 2 Days!”, “Stain Your Own Nightstands For Just $5!”, “Who Needs A Hairdresser? Trim Your Own Bangs Like A Pro In The Comfort Of Your Own Home!”. [...]

Home Business – Selfie Lifestyle Marketing

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The Power of the "Selfie" Marketing? If you know others who could use this info... Share this on Facebook and Twitter! Adapt or Die... Keep Up With What's Current I believe Brad Pitt said it best in the movie Moneyball... "Adapt or Die".  Obviously he was talking about the changes in baseball, but the same [...]

Home Business – Get Focused In 2 Simple Steps

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2 Simple Steps To Get Focused In Your Home Business In The Next 30 Days If you know others who could use this info... Share this on Facebook and Twitter! The 2 Steps That Drastically Increased Our Focus In Our Business Is was right around this time last year that we finally decided to make [...]