Busy or Productive? Why 99% of People Are Just Busy…

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PLEASE SHARE ON FACEBOOK, GOOGLE +, & TWITTER Focus on Being Productive NOT Busy!! There is a major difference between being busy and being productive. 99% of people are busy...there is no doubt that a lot of people in business, network marketing, and life in general feel overwhelmed and feel like their day is jammed [...]

Information Overload – Avoid The Black Hole of MLM

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How To Avoid The Black Hole of MLM - Information Overload Information Overlaod is one of the most common problems facing all network marketers and it is arguably the biggest roadblock to success in Network Marketing. If you're struggling with this you're not alone, if you're new in network marketing and not struggling with this yet, it's your [...]

Network Marketing Training Webinars : Waste of Time?

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Are Network Marketing Training Webinars a Waste of Time? One of the biggest problems facing 97% of Network Marketers is the information overload and how many different "how to products", conference calls, and Network Marketing Webinars happen on any given day in this industry. Many have asked us, "Are these trainings a waste of time?" [...]

Cliff Hanger Goal Setting

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PLEASE SHARE ON FACEBOOK, GOOGLE +, & TWITTER How Hanging From a Cliff Helped Us Set More Inspiring Goals You always hear about how important it is to set clear goals for your business. Some people use the "SMART" Goals - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, & Timely. Utilizing SMART Goals is a great starting point [...]

Don’t Waste Your Time This Weekend

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Here are your choices for the weekend, sit around, watch some tv, OR invest in your self development...what will you choose, what will most network marketers choose? Maybe the biggest question is what will the Top Earners in Network Marketing do this weekend? The most important investment you can make is not in stocks, bonds, [...]