The Power of “Selfie” Marketing- Day 2

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They Say What Happens In Vegas…

Ever heard the phrase “What Happens In Vegas, Stays in Vegas?”.  Well, not anymore!  In fact, it is now more important than ever to share your life on social media with others around you.  Speaking of Las Vegas…  We just got back from training at the No Excuses Summit 5 event in Las Vegas.  We had a ton of fun training some amazing marketers about video marketing.  One thing I made sure to do in Vegas was document my trip through selfie videos and pictures!  So why document your trips and time on social media?

How Can A Selfie Impact Your Business?


  1. Have fun! – Believe it or not… Most people want training, but they also want to know that having a home business is fun.  The more pictures and videos you can take with friends at events or trainings… the better.  Then post them all over social media sites so people can see what you’re up to!  (We were having some fun rocking the slot machines after NES5)
  2. Video Branding – You’ll see in the video below how I break down two different ways to shoot a quick 2 minute selfie marketing video that brands you as a leader in your marketplace.  Quick branding videos like this get people to connect with you and see you as a person of value.  Learn more about the video formats you can utilize when creating a selfie video for your business.

Day 2 – Selfie Video Format Breakdown 

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