The Power of the “Selfie” Marketing?

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Adapt or Die… Keep Up With What’s Current

I believe Brad Pitt said it best in the movie Moneyball… “Adapt or Die”.  Obviously he was talking about the changes in baseball, but the same thing goes for you and how you’re marketing yourself and your business online.  That’s where the “selfie” comes in.  You see them all over the internet and social media.  Tweens, teens and adults snap quick selfie pictures all the time documenting their life… But did you know that selfie’s can have a huge impact on your business?

How Can A Selfie Impact Your Business?


  1. Lifestyle Marketing – Why do you think most people get into a home business?  For the time freedom, financial freedom and the lifestyle.  Using selfie videos or pictures documenting the lifestyle your business allows you to have is crucial to your marketing!  (That’s us touring San Fransicso!)
  2. Duplication – One of the things that holds most people back from taking action in their home business is the fear that they need to do all of this professional marketing.  By creating selfie videos where you share your lifestyle, create quick training videos and take quick pictures of your lifestyle… it allows others to see how easy marketing a home business can be.  You allow others to feel that they can easily duplicate what you do with their own life experiences.   I dig even deeper into the power of the utilizing lifestyle marketing and the selfie in this training video below.

The Power of The Selfie For Your Home Business 

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