Are Network Marketing Training Webinars a Waste of Time?

One of the biggest problems facing 97% of Network Marketers is the information overload and how many different “how to products”, conference calls, and Network Marketing Webinars happen on any given day in this industry. Many have asked us, “Are these trainings a waste of time?” The answer is NO! They are not a waste of time, they are critical to your development, growth and eventual success in this industry. The problem is the abundance of training that is out there and how to navigate through all the webinars and pick and then attend the best training webinars, conference calls, and “how to products” out there. If you don’t know how to pick the best Network Marketing Training Webinars to attend you will be throwing away the most important asset you have, Time. We are going to share with you a few tips below on how to pick the best webinars…

2 Steps on How To Choose The Right Network Marketing Webinars to Attend

  1. Is the Host a reliable source? Pretty simple question, is the person hosting the webinar a reliable source with a prove track record of success in this industry? (By the way, we are attending a Webinar this week that has a few of the industries top earners hosting it…6 & 7 Figure Earners giving us the goods…You may want to check this out ==>> CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT
  2. What is the topic and does it apply to me? If you are great at prospecting and converting leads into sales, then you may not want to block out huge chucks of time to attend webinars on that topic. If you want to freshen up your skills in this area then by all means dedicate some time to it, but don’t get yourself in the habit of attending a webinar just to attend it. Ask yourself if it is a topic you need help with or not and then decide if you want to block out that time. If you were getting paid $500/hr (maybe that is your goal), ask yourself if the webinar is worth $500 to you?

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