No Excuses Summit Light-Bulb Moment – Become an Expert


light-bulb-momentThis past weekend at the No Excuses Summit there were multiple “Aha moments” or “light bulb moments” and today we are going to share with you just one of those big moments from the No Excuses Summit. Before we get into the No Excuses Summit light bulb moments you may be asking what the No Excuses Summit is… well for starters you can go check out more details right here ==>> No Excuses Summit

No Excuses Summit is a yearly convention that is held in Las Vegas and typically there are 500+ people in attendance to mastermind, network, and gain industry leading knowledge from some of the top earners in this industry. no excuses 4It was 3 days of speakers on a number of different topics, blogging, Facebook marketing, SEO, prospecting, video marketing, and so much more…we could write blog posts for the next 2 months on what we learned this past week. But today we will only share one big lightbulb moment. Before we get to that…we want to urge you to get to live events. Not necessarily only events for your company, but make sure to get to live events for training, coaching, mentoring, etc… what you will learn at these events are without question what will get you over the edge from making very little money in this industry to making a full-time income.

Top Light-Bulb Moment from Las Vegas and No Excuses Summit

The biggest takeaway from this past weekend is to pick a strategy and become a professional. Stop treating this industry and all of the different strategies like a hobby. Truly make the choice to become a professional at a specific strategy and then provide value and teach back that strategy to the marketplace so the masses can learn from you also utilize that same strategy to build their business. You want to pick a strategy and immerse yourself in that strategy and then give back to the marketplace FOR FREE so that you then become the ______ Strategy Girl/Guy. So maybe you pick YouTube marketing, your goal is to be known as the YouTube King/Queen in the marketplace. Fill in the blank with whatever strategy you want to master, but just make the choice to stop bouncing around from strategy to strategy and make the choice to become an expert in that strategy and then provide free content back to the marketplace on what you have learned and what you are implementing. Your compensation is a result of the value you provide to the marketplace…become a professional at something, become an expert, provide value, and the results you are looking for will come. Below is a video we recorded to go into more detail about picking a strategy and becoming a professional…enjoy!

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