“In less than 6 months, Kate and Andrew have easily created a 6-Figure side income online using video marketing and I’ve witnessed it first hand! It’s absolutely incredible! Now I’m bearing witness again as they get on the fast track to 7-Figures and anyone who has an opportunity to work directly with them and learn what they are doing, would be a FOOL, not to take them up on it!”

Ferny Ceballos
Co-Founder of No Excuses Summit
Los Angeles, California

“Andrew and Kate are two of the most driven, talented and refreshingly “real” trainers on the subject of video marketing you’ll find anywhere. The results they’ve gotten by taking massive action in such a short amount of time is super impressive and they continue to stay on the cutting edge of all things video marketing. In fact, they’re at the very top of the list as my own personal ‘go to guys’ on the subject, which is about as good of an endorsement as I can give.”

Tim Erway
CEO of Elite Marketing Pro
Satellite Beach, Florida

Curtis Broome Introduction at NES5

Penny Kelley

Frank “The Bluesman” Marino

“Before I worked with Kate and Andrew, I had no idea how to put myself out there. I started out with 46 fans and in less than 30 days I now have 1775 and growing each day. I know that the more eyes I have on my page, the more sales I am going to make. I’ve also had 83 people share one of my blog posts from my new blog! I’m looking forward to growing my brand and my business with Kate and Andrew!”

Lisa Thacker
Walker, Louisiana

“Before working with Kate, I was running a likes campaign on my Facebook Fan Page that was running at $0.95 per like. After my initial coaching call with Kate, where she helped me narrow the focus of my target audience, my likes campaign is now running $0.36 per like to my page. The narrower focus has also resulted in converting likes to leads, affiliate commissions and within a week after that call I made my first $116.34 commission. I’d never had a lead or commission through my Facebook Fan Page prior to my conversation with Kate, and within a couple weeks I could no longer say that!” Richard Norris St. Louis, Missouri

“The McSheas always over deliver and stay on top of what strategies are working right now. The industry is always changing and I’ve never seen anyone adapt their business the way they do. Through their coaching I’ve been able to run FB Video Ad campaigns for as little as .05/view. According to Facebook that’s 92% better than similar campaigns. I cannot say enough about the quality and value of their training!” Terri Melling Sassone San Diego, California

“When I first got started in online marketing in February 2014, I barely knew how to post on Facebook much less reach an audience, create value and make sales. I know from being a brick and mortar business owner that you model after people who are where you want to be. These guys are definitely where anyone in the home business industry wants to be! In just a few short months of learning and growing in this industry, I have been able to create sales funnels, ads, videos, generate leads and even make sales along the way and it would not even be possible without the guidance and mentorship of the McShea’s. These guys are leaders and I can’t wait to see where the future leads me now! Thanks so much!” Zack Scott Raleigh, North Carolina

“I’ve had the best month ever as far as lead generation goes. I just signed up another four people and I just rank advanced in one of the programs that I market. It’s due all in large part to the instruction and the leadership that Kate and Andrew have shown me. If you’re looking to leverage video, you need Kate and Andrew.” Scott Carrell Vernon, New Jersey

“I feel so fortunate to have found Kate and Andrew when I did. I was a complete newbie, struggling to find a way out of my corporate grind. After joining a network marketing company, I was struggling to make progress. I found one of Kate’s videos with tips about getting leads, and quickly plugged into their trainings. Within a couple of months, I had invested in myself and found ways to make my business work. Now, several months later, I have rank-advanced in my company and am building a full-time internet marketing business, helping others duplicate my success.” Penny Kelley Covington, Louisiana

Nick Haubner

Brian Fanale, Co Founder of My Lead System Pro

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