The Battle Between Marketing Through A Facebook Fan Page or Your Facebook Profile

“Kate, what’s the best way to market your business when you’re first starting out on Facebook?  Your Facebook Personal Profile or Build A Facebook Fan Page?”

Yes, I get this question quite a bit.  The truth is…

…I’ve marketed both ways.  I’ve done both profitably and I’ve done both terribly.  So to save you the time and energy it took me to figure out which one works to give you the best use of your time inside of marketing on Facebook, I figured I’d give you my top tips on the good AND the not so good aspects of marketing either way on Facebook.

Marketing Through Your Facebook Personal Profile Pros And Cons

I’ve found that the majority of my students and coaching clients start marketing their business on Facebook this way.  Especially if you’re starting up a new business venture, often times you’re told to start sharing your choice to build up a new business on your personal page.

Honestly, I commend you and anyone who does put themselves out there and share with their Facebook friends and family that they’re starting up a new business.  I DID NOT do this because I wasn’t confident enough in myself and my ability to achieve success in my business (we’ll save how I overcame that topic for another day).

So if you’re ready to shout from the rooftops that you’re in business and you want to help others… go for it!  However, can this approach of promoting your business links on your personal page really build the kind of business and income that you need?

I break down both the pros and cons of marketing your business through Facebook Personal Profile inside of this Facebook Live video here:

Let’s take a look at the Pros AND Cons of this approach:

Pros To Marketing Your Business On Your Personal Profile

  • Shows your commitment (as long as you don’t quit 🙂 )
  • Great way to build up a network of people that enjoy similar things
  • Can make sales through private messaging and building relationships
  • Great way to share your lifestyle for working from home
  • A free strategy (well sort of… more on that in a minute)
  • You can quickly market and share your business with people who already know like and trust you
  • Building Community through creating Facebook Groups (THIS hot strategy is the most influential free strategy I’ve found and is truly powerful.  More on this strategy in another post… because it deserves it. 🙂 )

Cons To Marketing Your Business On Your Personal Profile

  • Limit to only 5,000 friends (yes, you can expand and grow followers, but you can’t target and then market ads to them)
  • Attracting the “not so ideal” clients (chances are your family and friends do not all want to build business opportunities or invest in your products.  They may for a brief time, but at some point you’ll need more leads)
  • Not scalable (you have to consistently do the prospecting and networking work)
  • Through private messaging it can take up to 30 days to build enough trust to sell your product/service/business opportunity
  • Facebook Shutdown – Facebook did not make personal profiles for marketing and selling.  If you are reported as marketing your business links on your personal profile, they have right to shut down your account.
  • Time Suck – Technically this is a free strategy, except you are spending what’s most precious… your time.  Click here to read more from a post that shares where you should be focusing your time and energy to create a long term business.

Like I said, I’ve done both marketing approaches through Facebook.  I was successful with marketing, networking, recruiting and selling my products this way in the beginning.  However, I learned quickly that I was spending A LOT of time and energy on this one strategy.  If you really want to hit income goals that don’t just help you pay off a few bills and give you some extra spending money, I suggest starting to market your business and brand through a Fan Page.

Marketing Through A Business Fan Page Pros And Cons

Have you ever heard of Macy’s or WalMart or Target or any Celebrity?  I’m sure you have and if you were to search for them inside of Facebook to see where they’re marketing their business and brand…

…you’ll find they’re marketing on a Facebook Fan Page.  Incase you’re thinking right now, “But Kate, I don’t want to be a big business like Macy’s or be a huge brand like a celebrity.”, that’s totally cool.  What I do want you to take away from this is that whatever business you have, remember that it is a business!  So market it seriously like a business owner would.  The best way to promote your business from what I’ve learned is through marketing on your Fan Page.

I break down both the pros and cons of marketing your business through Facebook Personal Profile inside of this Facebook Live video here:

Here are the Pros AND Cons of marketing through a Fan Page:

Pros To Marketing Your Business On Your Fan Page

  • Laser target ideal customers that will be interested in your products and services
  • Market to your Fan Base
  • Great way to build a relationship with fans
  • Paid advertising = Faster Results
  • Scalable (you don’t have to private message each fan in order to share your trainings, products and services)
  • Retargeting based on behaviors (you can remarket your offers to fans who don’t buy initially)
  • Build your long term brand
  • Share your lifestyle that your home business allows you to live
  • Analyze your insights to see what posts are working the best for your marketing
  • Facebook Live creates massive engagement with your fans
  • You can promote your Facebook Lives to get more fans, followers and customers (and you can do it for pennies)

Cons To Marketing Your Business On Your Fan Page

  • Learning curve (it will take learning how to effectively market on Facebook)
  • Paid Strategy – Need to set aside a daily budget to effectively profit from this strategy (you can easily start with a $10 per day budget.  This is also a pro since you can get faster results when you pay to advertise)
  • Ads Account Shutdown – If you don’t know how to properly target and place ads, you can risk your account being shut down.

It may feel like to you that I’m biased towards marketing and building your business on a Fan Page through Facebook…

… and I am.  I told you I’ve marketed both ways.  I learned that marketing my business on my Facebook Fan Page got me results faster, helped me build a long term brand and forced me to treat my business like a business.

I still share my lifestyle (which more often than not includes my business) on my personal page.  My business is a big part of my life!  However, when it comes to marketing, especially if you want to build your business long term…

I suggest you start marketing on your Fan Page now AND use your Personal Page as a way to get traction in your business for free while your Fan Page is growing.  Why not dominate with both your Profile and your Fan Page while you’re learning how to effectively advertise right?!


If you’re wondering WHAT to post in order to make your business thrive on either your Fan Page or your Personal Profile…

Well, that’ll be covered in my next blog post (keep a lookout).

Which Do YOU Think Works Best?

I’m curious to know…

If you’re marketing on Facebook right now, which strategy is working best for you?  Marketing on your personal page or marketing through a Facebook Fan Page?  As you know, I shared my Pros and Cons to each and I’d love to hear your opinions too!

Feel free to agree or disagree with what I’ve shared and let’s get the conversation started by you commenting below with your thoughts!

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