Are You Secretly Sabotaging Your Business?

Are you secretly sabotaging your business by this one common mistake?

There are 4 personalities that you’ll start to see as you prospect more potential clients and teammates.

3 of them will sabotage your business long term and make you hate working on your business…

…and there’s just one style of person you really want to search for that will make your work fun and profitable for the long haul.

Especially if you find yourself begging everybody and anybody to join your business right now, this post will be extremely helpful if you want to stay in business long term.

And what stinks is…

I had to learn this the long hard way. So let me help you here to skip a lot of the frustration I went through and instead learn how to start bringing in the best personality to help build your business up quickly.

Ok back to self sabotage…

You see when I first started out building my business, I felt like I had to sell my products and recruit anyone and everyone into my business because I felt desperate. What’s crazy is I was so hungry to make my business profitable that I did exactly that.

I didn’t qualify anyone, I just pitched, begged and pleaded so magically I started to recruit any and all types of people into my business. Then 6 months later…

I actually started to hate my business. The business that was supposed to create more time freedom in my life sucked the life out me. It was turning into a job and that’s what I had worked so hard at to walk away from! I didn’t want to babysit adults, beg and plead for them to stay active with their membership, listen to complainers or convince people why they should continue to keep working hard.

Have you ever felt like this?

So instead of continuing to drive my business into the ground by recruiting a team of people who I didn’t want to work intimately with, I started to become educated. What I found out was that when you are building a team and working intimately with people…

You’ll start to see that most people fall into 4 Personality Categories and 3 of them will be incredibly difficult to work with.  There’s ultimately only one style of person you really want to look for when building a business that in the long run you’ll love.

Once I learned how to identify the perfect teammate I wanted to work with, my business became something I enjoyed again and I started to profit to the tune of bringing in 937 new people into my business in less than 9 months.

I break down the top 3 personalities you want to avoid working with AND the one personality you want to make sure you work closely with in this video here. That is if you’re a visual kind of learner, if not, feel free to read on below the video:

3 Personality Types That Will Suck Your Time Freedom

When you’re prospecting or calling your leads, these are the three personalities you want avoid like the plague.

#1 People Who Like To Be Right

Here are some key indicators that the person you’re speaking with fits this personality type:

  • They challenge your coaching
  • They argue with you
  • They say “I know that” but then do not take action
  • Have difficulty receiving feedback
  • Need to have the last word
  • Need to justify their choices

This personality type will make it difficult when it comes to creating duplication, receiving and implementing constructive criticsm if they’re building a business with you.

#2 People Who Like To Be Comfortable

Here are some key indicators that the person you’re speaking with fits this personality type:

  • Afraid to take risks
  • Fine with watching TV every night instead of focusing on their business growth
  • Has difficulty implementing coaching
  • Comfortable in the current situation that they’re in

This style of person will struggle with being a self-starter and will consistently need motivation from YOU in order to build and run their business.

#3 People Who Like To Be Liked

Here are some key indicators that the person you’re speaking with fits this personality type:

  • Need approval from others
  • Don’t want to rock the boat
  • People pleaser
  • Loves life when everyone is happy around them
  • Will say yes to others even if they disagree
  • Are afraid of going against the grain and looking different

This personality will have a very hard time with having difficult conversations with their own teammates to help push them forward to success.  They don’t want to be seen as the bad guy or gal.

The Ultimate Personality For Building A Massive Army Of Implementers

#4 People Who Like To WIN

Here are some key indicators that the person you’re speaking with fits this personality type:

  • Ready to take on challenges
  • Have a clear vision of what they want and how they’re going to get there
  • Coachable
  • Adapt quickly
  • Competitive
  • Have a thick skin and don’t care about what others think
  • Desire for self growth

When you identify this kind of personality, act fast and figure out how to work with them, because they’re going to be successful with or without you. 🙂

Can People Change?

I asked a question at the end of this video (at minute 6:34) and I want to know your thoughts.

Do you really think it’s possible to change someone’s personality to make them someone who wants to win?

Answer with a yes or no in the comments section and feel free to tell me more about what you think.  I’ve got my opinions (and you’ll hear mine at minute 4:11 in the video), but I’d love to know yours!

But what if instead of having to change people’s personalities to make them winners…

There was a way to just suck in the winning personalities onto your team through learning how to attract that style of person to you from the internet?

Then prospecting, recruiting and duplication becomes easy once you’ve got an army of people with the hungry desire to win in life. If that sounds like your kind of business…

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