Are You Creating A Problem For Yourself With What You’re Posting?

What would it feel like if you easily created simple posts that resulted in raving fans, followers and prospects that were connecting with you to learn how to buy from you?

And what if you knew exactly when and what to post in order to get people curious about you, your products and your services without sounding desperate, pushy or sounding like you’re begging for it?

And what if people actually referred their friends to you (a.k.a. – free prospects and free customers coming your way)

How would that feel?

If all that sounds fabulous, then read on my friend because man oh’ man do I wish I had this information on these 6 Power Posts I share in this post back when I started growing my business online.

Let’s just say I wish I had all of this stuff way back when in 2012 seeing as back then I was the complete opposite of who to follow on growing your business via social media lol.

Or actually…

Let’s just say that this knowledge was out there, but I just wasn’t listening.

Because at that time I was working on one method and one method only…

And there’s a good chance you’ve been here (or you may be growing your business from this method right now).


The Leading With Your Wallet Method

So what does it mean to post and run your business in general by “leading with your wallet”?

This video breaks down the difference between pounce posting v. power posting (If you’re a video learner like me :)).

For all you skimmers and learn by reading peeps…

Well it’s pretty simple.  You’re either posting one of two ways (or maybe both… Eek!):

  • Pitch Posting: The majority of your posts or messages lead directly to your opportunity, product or promotion of some sort which leads to you getting a lot of messages like this one I used to get all the time:

Or what’s even worse…

  • Pounce Posting: All of your posts are simply posted from the mind space of what I like to call pounce posting. What’s pounce posting you ask?  It’s pretty simple.  Pounce posting is when you post anything for the sole reason of getting someone to comment in so you can POUNCE on them by flooding their messenger inbox with a generic message only to strike up a conversation in order to immediately pitch your products. 

Pounce Posts are posts like this…

“Do you like chocolate or vanilla ice cream?”

This post has nothing to do with value about your business field. 

Sure you might get comments, but here’s when a pounce post ends up hurting you long term. 

Because once that poor, poor person comments in…

“I like Chocolate”…

…you instantly pounce with a message similar to:

“Hey Friend!  I hear you like chocolate better than vanilla ice cream. That’s interesting because I have a great XYZ123 chocolate (whatever product) on sale right now.  You want in?  The deal expires tomorrow.”

Sound familiar?

That’s pounce posting.

It’s posting for the only purpose of pouncing on prospects like they’re prey so they can buy… buy… buy… and you can sell… sell… sell.

And if you have enough courage to admit to yourself right now that you’ve thought this way about social media (as a pounce posters paradise filled with prospects that have dollar signs over their heads), then hat’s off to you! 

Owning that it’s time to make a change is the first and most important part (give yourself a huge pat on the back). 🙂

And if you mustered up the courage to admit that you need to change the way you post…

Well you are in luck my friend…

Because this change can be immediate and is rather simple.  Once I made this simple shift, as did several of our students have too as you’ll see some from their examples,  we started win big on social media.

And all that needs to change is this…


Winning Big With HOW To Post V. WHAT To Post

I break down my step by step approach on how to use and think before you post with 6 of the most powerful social media posts you can use to attract more curious high quality prospects inside of this walkthrough training right here:


Here’s why this matters to you and your business…

We Live In A Powerful Time

The stats don’t lie…

  • Social media has 2.4 billion active users (1.86 billion active on Facebook alone)
  • Internet users have on average 5.4 social media accounts
  • Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp handle 60 billion messages a day
  • Facebook adds over 500,000 new users everyday (that’s 6 new profiles every second)

So you’re smart to use social media to grow your business and get more exposure, yet is social media really working for you?

I find most people categorize their social media efforts into one of these three groups:

  1. A goldmine.  You’ve got a highly engaged following that gets you more prospects and gets you more high quality customers, teammates and/or clients.
  • A total time suck.  You’re posting and doing everything you think you can and are spending a lot of time with no return on your investment (monetarily or time investment)
  • A highly engaged following that doesn’t pay the bills.  Your followers are engaged and like, love and adore YOU… but your sales aren’t increasing month after month. 


Which group do you fall into right now? 1, 2 or 3?

If you said Number 1… 

Great work so far!  Don’t stop reading though, because as you already know, one little nugget or suggested post might help you blow up your goldmine even more.  As you already know, there is always another level of success to rise up into and help others learn to duplicate your efforts.  😉

If you said either Number 2 or Number 3…

Know that you are not alone.  In fact, most people I work with rate themselves here.  The good news is, these next 6 posts are about to help you start moving in the right direction towards that mighty goldmine. 

Are you ready to take the next big leap to make social media win for you?

Let’s get you started now with winning big posting on social media.

And it all starts with YOU posting with power once you read this entire post. (Yes I expect you do your first post with power once you finish this post.  I can’t help it, I’m a retired second grade teacher.  I expect action from my readers after you sink your teeth into something this lengthy.)

But before you get all frisky and leave this post to go blindly set up what you think is a power post…

First, you do have to understand what you’re doing so you don’t end up pitch & pounce posting all over again (cue face slap lol).

The Key Elements Of Power Posting

You might be asking yourself…

How do I know if I’m power posting?  

Think of it like this…

Are your people feeling like they’re at a get together with you, cheersing drinks, having meaningful conversation and enjoying each others company? Like this…


Do your people feel like you’re holding onto their leg while they drag you along the floor as you’re begging for them not to leave you?


Key Elements Of A Power Post

  • Clear on it’s purpose (yes each post has a different purpose)
  • Causes your prospect to take action
  • Creates interaction
  • Give you data to collect and inspect (the most important part)
  • Gets the conversation started
  • Begins positioning you as someone your prospects want to continue to interact with

Power posting is meant to be what social media is all about (being social).

And to see how close you are to being a power post master…

Here’s the test you need in order to see if you pass. 

The Power Post Test

In order to see if your posts pass the power post test, they need to check off the following.  You are power posting IF your posts are:

  • Likable
  • Sharable
  • Comment worthy (Quality comments)
  • Make someone feel something
  • Make a meaningful connection
  • Make your prospect say to their friends “You’ve got to follow ________”

Tip: The Best Power Posters Are The Best Data Collectors

Chances are that you might skim through and look at some of these posts below and think to yourself… “I already know this” or “I already do those”. 

But the difference between how you’re posting now and how you’ll post after reading this blog post is about your purpose behind your posting…

Because the best power posters view their posts from a data collecting magnifying lens.

This is worth mentioning again:  The best power posters are the best data collectors.

Think of it this way.  Each post you do, gives you some sort of data.  Sometimes your data is that you didn’t get a lot of attention from that one post (so you’ll know not to post something like that again). 

Other times, you’ll gain information on your prospects deep fears and desires.  Having that kind of data is what makes your connections and ability to close more people much easier.  Thinking this way when you post IS where the goldmine is built. 

Once you start looking at your posts as ways to collect better data to have better conversations long term with your prospects…

That’s where you start winning BIG for the long haul.

Top 6 “Must Have” Social Media Power Posts

By now you can see the difference between just posting to pitch and pounce versus posting with power.  So let’s get you into action shall we?

For these different power posts, I’ll give you the “Behind The Scenes Posting Purpose” along with some examples to get you started. 

So let’s dive in!

Starting with Power Post #1…

Power Post #1: Questions and Opinions

What’s the purpose of questions and opinions posts?

  • Data collection (get pains, struggles, dreams, desires, help)
  • Get in on how they REALLY feel
  • Help them feel needed
  • Collect data on new content topics


  • What do you think is the #1 reason people have trouble following a diet?
    • Tip: When you ask “What do you think”, people will typically respond with a person experience.  You get insider info in a way where people feel safe commenting without spilling the beans that they are the ones who can’t follow a diet and find themselves hoovering bags of potato chips on the weekends. 
  • What’s your favorite way to get info online? Video, Audio, Article, Other (Please comment in and tell me)
    • Tip: People love to share what works for them!  Plus you get to then deliver your content in a way your people like.
  • In your opinion, what drives people more to take action? Fear or Vision? And why?

Tip: Be ready for opinions you may not agree with.  That’s ok.  Remember, it’s about creating a conversation for your prospects.

Next up we’ve got Power Post #2…

Power Post #2: The Breaking News!

What’s the purpose of Breaking News posts?

  • Share something new
  • Get the word out
  • Create curiosity
  • Re-launch your company
  • Promote to a new group, project, training you’re opening

The Breaking News posting formula

  • Announce: Share your excitement!
  • Background: Share the details on what you’re excited about
  • Call to Action: Tell them what to do next to get further details

As you can see this can be done through video or just a regular post.  Either works as long as you’re being authentic with your excitement. 

Tip: Use these breaking news posts few and far between.  If people see you posting constantly about something new you’re doing or a new product you’re now carrying, they will lose the excitement.  These posts work when they are used only every once and a blue moon.

Next we’ve got Power Post #3…

Power Post #3: Vulnerability

What’s the purpose of Vulnerability posts?

  • Creates honesty
  • Shows you’re a human being
  • Authenticity and vulnerability instantly create a connected bond between you and your prospects

Tip: The more honest you are… the better.  And the less prepared you are the better.

For example, I had a need to share some major mistakes I made in business so my followers could avoid those mistakes too. 

I decided to do a Facebook live to share my thoughts. 

I hadn’t showered that day yet, I forgot to put my headset in for the first few minutes of the video so no one could hear me and there were a lot of “umms and uhhhs” as I worked through this impromptu video. 

And my people loved it! 

Don’t worry about perfection, worry about being present with your people who are reading, watching, or commenting in with what you’re sharing. 

Just be you and the right people will become your raving long term fans!

Which brings us to Power Post #4…

Power Post #4: Lifestyle

Remember, most people want to live their life vicariously through YOU (even if you think your life isn’t worth sharing just yet).

What’s the purpose of Lifestyle posts?

  • Sprinkles what you’re up to without selling
  • Creates curiosity
  • People love stalking what others are up to
  • Sprinkle in your business and travels without promoting your products
  • Let’s people get to know you

This is a great example of how to sprinkle in your lifestyle while still talking about what you do. I was hosting a weekend workshop retreat for our top clients and later decided to take our team out to dinner at my favorite Italian restaurant in Boston called La Suma.  The post is simple, yet sprinkles in a few details about our workshops we do (and my love for chicken parm lol).

Which brings me to my second FAVORITE Power Post #5…

Power Post #5: Fill In The Blank

What’s the purpose of Fill In The Blank posts?

  • Creates flexibility
  • Gives you data for content you can create in the near future
  • Uncovers fears, dreams, desires


  • Freedom to me means _____________
  • The first thing to kick off my morning is _____________
  • ________________ inspires me.
  • If I could have one super power it would be ___________. (Yes, it’s a good thing to have some fun with your fill in the blanks every once and a while too ;))
  • The best thing I ever did in my life was _______________

Tip: Fill in the blanks are the BEST to grab information you may have never thought you’d get from your prospects.  

By leaving something open ended, people feel the freedom and flexibility to speak truthfully.  And with that truth comes an instant bond with you.  Bravo to you!

Finally, my FAVORITE Power Post #6:

Power Post #6: Celebrations

Because a life that’s well lived is meant to celebrated

What’s the purpose of Celebration posts?

  • Acknowledgement
  • Helping others enjoy their journey
  • Tracks long term progress
  • Creates a connection to you and their success
  • Shows you care

There are shoutouts, recognition posts, congratulation posts that can start this way…

I’m so proud of ________!  They just _________ and I’m so honored to be connected and on this journey with them.  Congrats ________!

Or I never thought I’d be able to ________.  I’m so grateful for my coach/mentor/upline who helped me to ______________.

These posts are always great to give someone an extra boost to show some love, but my favorite celebration posts are…

Small Win Alerts: This style of celebration post is one that our Thrive Mastermind and Authority Factor students do weekly. We call them Small Win Alerts for a reasonThey are posts dedicated to tracking the small wins that happen each week as people grow throughout their business journey. 

Every Friday, our students have the responsibility of posting in wins that they had for the week and we all cheer each other on by commenting on each other’s posts. 

Tip: More important than anything, celebrating the journey is a must. 

Most people set their sights on the long term success they want and lose sight of the fact that it’s the little wins that create the long term wins. 

I suggest adding this small win alert reporting routine into your weekly team or client posting schedule.  That way your people can see how far they’ve come AND it’s always more fun to celebrate your wins with someone else. 🙂

By now you’re probably bursting at the seams with ideas for running hard with your new power posting skills. 

But you’re not done yet.

Your Action Step Challenge:

Your Kick-Start Action Step Is (If You’re Up For The Challenge):

  1. Pick ONE of these power posts and create your own new power post with this method.
  2. Take a picture of your post on it’s up on social media. 
  3. Post your picture of your new power post in the comments below this blog post. 

That way my team and I can see how you’re doing!  And who knows, you may even get some cool ideas from other power posters who are also doing their action steps here too.

Congratulations!  You’re well on your way to becoming a power post master, however here’s a heads up on what will soon be your next roadblock if it isn’t already (since I’ve been there before)…

Keep this in mind…

One Major Problem With Power Posting

Power posting will up your posting game to attract more prospects, but power posting won’t necessarily close more sales. 

In fact, most power posts are meant to create curiosity, build relationships and create more meaningful connections. 

The closing part comes after that.

Why is exactly why I created this training that teaches you how to close more sales in bulk.

If you’re involved in ANY kind of network marketing, direct sales, or home business opportunity…you DO NOT want to miss out!

This is a system ANYONE can use to very quickly start seeing new sales and recruit new teammates.

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