NY Times Best Selling Author Drops Knowledge & F-Bombs


This past weekend at the No Excuses Summit Gary Vaynerchuk was a Keynote Speaker and he was up on stage for an hour dropping some sick knowledge and a whole lot of F-Bombs. Gary is the author of the book Crush It. gary vaynerchuk - crush itHe reminded us of home (the Northeast), he was authentic and raw…he didn’t really care what anyone thought of him…he was just himself and what that meant was that he dropped the F-Bomb at least 50 times in 1 hour, No Joke! When you sorted through all the F-Bombs there was some unbelievable content that he provided…this guy is light years ahead of so many people in social media marketing. When he shared his ideas and how he looks at marketing it made a lot of the crowd break into immediate applause, the guy was exceptional with his content. After hearing the way he looks at social media and marketing in general, it is not surprise that he is a millionaire and I doubt don’t for a second that he will eventually reach his goal of owning the New York Jets Football Franchise.

“You Can’t F@#king Automate Humanity”

There it is, that was our biggest takeaway from Gary’s talk on stage. He said it best when he said this, “95% of you are not going to like what I have to say, because you need to hustle, this takes work…and you can’t f@#king automate humanity”. What he was talking about was everyone trying to figure out how to automate their social media connections through bots and software. He personally responded to everyone that commented on his twitter page for years until he was getting thousands of messages that he could no longer possibly respond to all the messages. He said if you take the humanity out of your business then you will never have long term results and you will never develop a large, loyal following.

Another major point he made was that “push marketing” is dying and will eventually be dead. gary vee-quoteHe spoke about people pushing their opportunity on people, he talked about everyone just trying to sell something to someone else, and that blasting your link all over the place will get you no where. You have to provide value and be human if you actually want to get a following in any industry, not just network marketing. We recorded a quick video that will go into more detail about what his talk was all about, but make sure to check out the book Crush It if you have not already. You can click here to head over to Amazon to pick up a copy

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